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Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Figurines "Going Home" Flying Geese 1982 #HN3527 White Glossy

Royal Doulton Figurines "Going Home" Flying Geese 1982 #HN3527 White Glossy

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Welcome to the world of Royal Doulton Figurines! Enhance your collection with the exquisite "Going Home" Flying Geese figurine from 1982. This stunning piece, identified by its model number HN3527, showcases the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Standing at a proud height of 6 inches, this glossy white figurine captures the graceful elegance of flying geese in mid-flight. It perfectly encapsulates the beauty and serenity of nature, making it a timeless addition to any decor.

  • Impeccable Detailing: Each feather of the geese is meticulously crafted, bringing out their lifelike appearance.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from premium ceramics, this figurine ensures durability and longevity.

Rest assured that this figurine comes from a smoke-free and pet-free home, ensuring a pristine condition upon arrival. To guarantee your utmost satisfaction, our products are thoroughly cleaned before listing and before being shipped to you.

We are a trusted seller committed to providing you with a safe, fair, and pleasant shopping experience. Feel free to explore our other captivating products to enhance your collection further.

Embrace the charm of the Royal Doulton "Going Home" Flying Geese figurine and let it transport you to a world of elegance and beauty.

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