I (Ed) became a small business owner when I moved from Colombia to the USA to be with my husband (Ben) I had the opportunity to work in anything. My husband encouraged me to follow my passion for European design home decor. He challenged me to see if I could generate a passion into a career.

We name our store Before Treasures because we believe in love and kindness before anything else. 

We receive all kinds of positive messages from customers about what the pieces of home decor have meant to them.  Whether it is an art piece, figurine, sculpture or vintage vase, there is history and a story behind every piece. It is an emotional business. Before Treasures has allowed us to expand our passion all around world.

Even though I just opened up my store in December 2021 I am grateful to say I am able to make this my full-time career and can’t wait to make daily investments of my time, energy and passion in making my store a top rated one.



BEfore Treasures is an experience of meaningful interactions of inspirations and connects created through stories and products that awake you to who you were and who you are meant to be. 


Every interact with BEfore Treasures should be inspirational. This can achieved through personal videos, community conversations, public editorials, discovering a lost treasure, or finding a new one. 


With ever interact of BEfore Treasures you should be seen and valued as the unique people and story that you are. 

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