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Hutschenreuther Squirrel Porcelain Figurine Hans Achtziger Germany Vintage Decor

Hutschenreuther Squirrel Porcelain Figurine Hans Achtziger Germany Vintage Decor

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Introducing the Hutschenreuther Squirrel Porcelain Figurine! This vintage decor piece is a true gem from Germany, masterfully crafted by HANS ACHTZIGER of Hutschenreuther.

Created in a style that exudes realism, this figurine showcases the exquisite artistry and attention to detail that Hutschenreuther is renowned for. Made from finest quality porcelain, each piece is meticulously handcrafted and painted, resulting in a truly unique and elegant piece of art.

The squirrel figurine depicts a charming little creature with spiked ears and a twitching tail, perched on an oversized oak leaf, clutching a precious acorn nut. Measuring at 3 1/4" in height and 3" in length, this figurine is the perfect size to adorn your home or office space.

With no cracks or repairs, this vintage piece is in good condition, ready to enhance any collection or bring a touch of nature to your decor. The lion hallmark of Germany is proudly stamped on this figurine, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality.

  • Add a touch of vintage charm to your space
  • Expertly handcrafted and painted for exquisite detail

Bring a little piece of German craftsmanship into your life with the Hutschenreuther Squirrel Porcelain Figurine. Don't miss out on this rare vintage decor item that captures the heart and soul of nature.

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