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Artesania Rinconada

Artesania Rinconada Classic Retired Old English Sheep Dog 113 Home Decor Uruguay

Artesania Rinconada Classic Retired Old English Sheep Dog 113 Home Decor Uruguay

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Artesania Rinconada Classic Retired Old English Sheep Dog 113 Home Decor Uruguay 4 inches long.

Artesania Rinconada is a unique line of ceramic figures produced in the South American country of Uruguay. This is a little bit of history about the Rinconada line:

Internationally known for it's unique personality, character and originality, the Artesania Rinconada Collection is truly one of the finest examples of contemporary ceramic design. Artesania Rinconada figurines are carefully hand-carved and detailed in fine grain earthenware ceramic material. After initial kiln firing, decoration continues with the hand application of colored slips and enamel glazes used to accent and highlight individual design characteristics. Each enamel glaze must be re-fired individually in order to preserve its distinctive coloration.

Rinconada's Classic Collection was created by twin brothers Jesus and Javier Carbajales during the fall of 1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Carbajales were born in Spain in 1930 and moved with their family to Uruguay when the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936. The brothers, however, did not forget their artistic roots. They were strongly influenced by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro; three Spanish artists whose work dominated spanish art in the first half of the 20th century.

The Carbajales chose nature as their subject and their sculptures blend a traditional South American Style with a surrealist flair. The name Artesania Rinconada is a Spanish phrase meaning "Art of the corner" or "Corner art" and was chosen because the brothers worked out of a small corner of their living room for many years. Although Jesus and Javier can no longer confine themselves to a small corner studio, the brothers continually refer to their work as Artesania Rinconada and carve the initials AR into each of their original designs.

In recent years Rinconada has evolved under a new factory director with exciting new creativity and artistic vision. As a young man in Montevideo, Uruguay Jorge De Rosa apprenticed in the field of hand-crafted ceramics. He studied all aspects of ceramic design and artistic development under the guidance of his father, Jorge De Rosa Thompson, who co-founded Artesania Rinconada S.R.L. along with Jesus and Javier Carbajales in the early 1970's. Jorge became the Director of the Rinconada factory on January 1, 1996 and has collaborated with Jesus and Javier in implementing creative new techniques to Rinconada design. Under his leadership Artesania Rinconada developed a series of gold and platinum accented animal figurines to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Classic Collection. These new designs formed the beginning of the Silver Anniversary Collection.

Other developments spearheaded by De Rosa's efforts include the De Rosa Box Collection, the Rincababy Collection and the recently retired De Rosa Bell Collection. The De Rosa Box Collection is the result of design collaboration between De Rosa and Olga Pareja. Many Rinconada collectors may remember Olga's designs from the Professional Cat Series. The Rincababy Collection is designed by Jesus Carbajales in collaboration with Jorge De Rosa. This collaboration between artists has proven to result in superior designs which continue to win over even the most avid admirers and collectors of Rinconada design.
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