Wedgwood: A Brief History

Wedgwood is a renowned British pottery company that has been in existence since the 18th century. Founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, the company has been synonymous with high-quality ceramics that have been used in homes and palaces across the world. In this blog post, we will provide a brief history of Wedgwood and highlight some of the company's most notable achievements.

Josiah Wedgwood was born in 1730 and learned the art of pottery from his father. He went on to establish his own pottery company in 1759, which would become known as Wedgwood. One of the key innovations that Wedgwood introduced to the pottery industry was the use of "creamware," a type of white pottery that was highly popular in the 18th century.

Wedgwood was also known for his experimentation with different materials and glazes, and his development of a wide range of ceramic products. He introduced "Jasperware," a type of stoneware that was produced in a variety of colors, and which became a signature product of the Wedgwood brand. Wedgwood's products were highly sought after by royalty and aristocracy, and he was even appointed the "Potter to Her Majesty" by Queen Charlotte in 1765.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Wedgwood was also a shrewd businessman. He established a network of sales agents across the country, and was one of the first British manufacturers to use advertising to promote his products. Wedgwood was also a staunch abolitionist, and produced a range of ceramic products featuring anti-slavery motifs.

Today, Wedgwood is part of the Fiskars Group and continues to produce high-quality ceramics that are sold around the world. The company's products are highly sought after by collectors and are used in homes, hotels, and restaurants around the globe.

In conclusion, Wedgwood is a British pottery company with a rich history and a legacy of producing high-quality ceramics. From Josiah Wedgwood's innovative use of materials and glazes to his business acumen and social conscience, the company has left an indelible mark on the world of ceramics.

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